Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Doctor's Orders: Let Children Play

This summer, Princeton Montessori School enjoyed the gifts of summer from a child's perspective.  Even our youngest infants seemed to respond to the warm sunlight, cool breezes, scent of flowers in bloom, and the outdoor activity of the older children.  Teachers and administrators tapped into this contentment induced by the season and often marveled at the peaceful, relaxed vibe that permeates our summer programs.  It was a joy to witness the children creating, exploring, relaxing, and connecting.

Certainly in summer, the weather allows for much more outdoor time and more daylight to be active in, but those of us who work with children during the non-academic months know that what we witness is really permission for children to just be, to play, and to let their hair down.  As we head into a new school year, the value in playing is important for us to keep in mind, both as educators and as parents.  I hope you have time to read this recent article from the LA Times, which lends pediatric advice to the call for play in childhood.

Doctor's Orders: Let Children Play: Bakersfield: LA Times


Doctor’s orders: Let children just play: By Melissa Healy Los Angeles Times (TNS)