Wednesday, January 11, 2017

College Admissions Anxiety

Recently, two succinct and timely articles have been published addressing the damaging misconception of many anxious parents that if they can only puppeteer their child's entry into an Ivy League College, the child's life will be set and happiness, financial security, and career success will be guaranteed.  This same phenomena is true in the independent school world relative to high school admissions.

I share the links to these articles below.  Even parents of young children should take time to read them as they offer sage advice to keep your eye on what really matters in raising happy, healthy, highly functioning, independent, active members of society.  

The deepest fears — and hopes — parents harbor about their kids applying to college

Brennan Barnard, The Washington Post

In this season of college admissions, parents' own expectations and uncertainties are playing out in real time, as admission decisions have become the repository for 18 years of parental hopes and fears.

Deepest Fears

Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out

Recent studies suggest that kids with over involved parents and rigidly structured childhoods suffer psychological blowback in college.