Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reducing Stress for Our Kids

Most kids have been in school now for well over a month.  Conferences are just around the corner but most students in America are focused on the next break, most likely Thanksgiving, so they can come up for air from homework, studying, and testing.   Stress, unfortunately, runs rampant in our colleges, high schools, and even lower grades.

Today I had the honor of helping to represent our middle school program to interested parents from our elementary programs and other schools.  It was a delight to explain why we structure our program with the mental health of students in mind.  Beyond the 'Tune In' time we start the week with in educating early adolescents how to tune in to their stress level, feelings, thoughts, and bodies, we set a framework for learning that allows for rejuvenation of the brain and body.  Doing so means kids stay passionate about learning and school.   For over twenty years, graduates of Princeton Montessori School have gone on to the high schools of their choice and excelled in their studies.  This, without an overload of mind and body.  What a testament to holding firm on what is best for children!

Below is a link to a blog by Janet Lansbury, citing research and common sense points about how to raise less stressed kids.  Enjoy the read and see if you can put these ten steps into practice in your family!

Secrets To Raising Less Stressed Kids