Sunday, September 27, 2015

Are You Responsible For or To Your Children?

Dear Parents,
As fall is officially here, our focus naturally returns to school and parenting.  With that comes lots of parenting advice and it can be hard to filter the bad from the good.  I write to share one of the good ones!  Below is a link to a helpful website with an article that really follows the Montessori philosophy.  It's titled, 'Are You Responsible FOR or TO Your Children?'.  The article makes us think about our role as parent, particularly if the ultimate goal is to raise an independent, happy, responsible adult who moves through the world with care and respect for earth and others.  The site is called Positive Parenting Connection and I share an overview of the site and the link to the article below.  I think the site is a keeper and one to bookmark.  Enjoy!
Positive Parenting Connection
Our team of parenting educators, psychologists, coaches and parents share here practical advice, encouraging words and real support to help you make the best parenting decisions for your family.
Our goal is to help you make your parenting journey a more peaceful and joy filled experience.
The positive parenting connection website is filled with  practical advice and encouragement for understanding and solving common parenting challenges:
Are You Responsible For or To Your Children