Sunday, June 21, 2015

Oh, the days of summer!

Oh, the Days of Summer.....

Everyone has their idea of what summer should be like when you're a child.  Mostly, it depends on how we spent our own summers in those carefree years.  For some, sleepaway camp was the ultimate experience between June and the early days of September when we were called back to the routine of an academic year.  For others, a few weeks at the shore or lounging around the house figuring out what to do when bored was a right of passage that developed self-reliance and imagination.

For many parents today, the demands of a year-round work schedule make the prospects for their child's summer a stress-inducing scheduling challenge, despite our excitement for their opportunities.  Even if we can find the ideal activities to program, all strung along perfectly until the first day of school, there's the transportation requirements that are different than our school day routine, forms to fill out, medical papers to turn in, and a synchronization with our partner in parenting that calls for precise communication and frequent reminders of who is 'on' when.  This can get more complicated when our children are between the middle school and high school years, as camp options lessen and the opinion of your child trumps your ideas of their summer.

Regardless of your situation, I hope there is time to enjoy the pacing and opportunities of these balmy and more relaxed days with your child.  Philly and New York offer culture, parks, carriage rides, and so much more.  Our own backyards are landscapes waiting for the magic a tent, sparklers, or water slides can create! Below are some links to local happenings you may not have heard about in the Princeton area, along with a link for good reads for all ages!

If you are spending your summer with us at SummerQuest, I know I will enjoy seeing you at the water play events, sing a longs, and parent coffees.  Wouldn't it be great if we could have an adult play day?  Hopefully you will - at least golf, tennis, swimming, and other adult summer sports allow us some opportunity for our own fun!

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