Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome Back To School!

Welcome back to school! That is the phrase we see and hear in the month of September, more than any other. It’s on sales signs, school websites, the tongues of educators and heads of school. Yet, as I begin this year as new Head of School, and in these early opportunities to explore each program and take the time to observe the children in these first days of school, I am struck by how particularly unique our definition of school is and the degree of pure joy that phrase,  Welcome back to school evokes in our students.

This is why when I look through the classroom observation windows in the Infant, Toddler or Primary classrooms, or wander into the elementary or middle school classes, I am so envious of the experience these students are having and so proud of the job my colleagues are doing.  From the youngest age, our students are practicing the critical thinking and academic skills that will carry them through life -- learning to think critically, finding new ways to solve problems, figuring out how to resolve conflict, feeding their curiosity, asking questions, and finding out how they learn best. It's in this respectful and stress-free Montessori environment that children reach their true potential -- rather than memorizing things out of a book and figuring out how to regurgitate them, cramming for exams, wilting under the pressure of too much homework and no time for rejuvenation, or trying to do the exact same thing everyone else who happens to share their birth year is doing, at the same pacing and with the same type of instruction.

I’m so proud to have a twenty plus year career in Montessori, but particularly to be a part of the Princeton Montessori Community. We are leading the way in merging traditional Montessori teaching with best practices and 21st century learning methods. We are a flagship school to other Montessori schools and a stellar example of the best that Montessori can be.  Thank you for investing in this phenomenal education for your children. I am so pleased and proud to say, Welcome back to school!