Monday, September 22, 2014

Leading The Way

If you are new to our school community, you may not know that each year the School creates an annual theme. Why do we do this? Well, most basically, we do this to point our attention toward a goal that helps us to be our best as a Montessori community. Practically, it also allows us to convey language about our school to parents and be a springboard to activities our school community can rally around. This year, we are excited to kick-off the year with the theme, Leading the Way.

What does it mean to Lead the Way? Our school has 47 years of success behind it, in offering the highest quality Montessori education to children, parents, and teachers. We are also training the next generation of teachers and helping parents through each stage of child development. This is part of our mission statement and the embodiment of leadership for a school. We are beautifully poised to lead the way as individuals, as a community, and in the larger world of education and the theme reminds us to challenge ourselves to do so.

We will use this theme year as an opportunity to look at our practices as individuals, as a school, and in our role in the larger community and ensure we are, indeed, innovating and ensuring integrity of our programs. We hope to target our own attentions on individual, community, and school leadership.

Leading the Way as INDIVIDUALS… The coordinators and teachers will be leading developmentally appropriate reflections and activities for their programs to use this theme in helping children think about how they can be in charge of themselves. In Montessori, we know that being in charge of yourself is the first step in leading others. It is why we put so much emphasis on independence, knowing dignity and self-esteem comes from being able to do for oneself.

Leading the Way in the COMMUNITY… Internally, we will be focusing on our work together in establishing a warm, welcoming, and vibrant community of parents and staff. As parents, you can lead the way in our community by participating, demonstrating the best of grace and courtesy to the children in our community in your interactions with each other and staff, and engaging in open and helpful dialogue with each other and the school.

Leading the Way in EDUCATION… Looking outward, we will continue to invest in the training and development of our faculty and staff so that best 21st century practices are merged with our core values and Montessori methods. We will hone our training center to be a beacon among Montessori circles internationally, which helps to ensure our access to the best and brightest teachers for our school. Through leading at annual conferences and Princeton community gatherings, we continue our standing in the community as a stellar independent school.

We will launch this theme at our very first School Spirit Day of the year, which will be held outside, around the front entryway circle and our very own graceful deer and will include speaking roles for several representatives of the different areas of our school to mark this new beginning and continuation of tradition for our community.